The problem is we want to be God, we try to be God.  We want to fix our lives.  We want to cover up our failures.  But then when life gets tough, and our fixes aren’t enough – we blame God.  We think our good deeds are enough to get us into heaven; we think our bad deeds aren’t enough to send us to hell.  We judge others for their mistakes, but justify our own and spend so much time covering up our failures and trying to fix our lives.  We need a fresh start!


Our fixes don’t bring peace – but this does:  Jesus died on the cross to completely pay for your sins.  He was raised from the dead and He wants to give you a peace like you’ve never experienced before.  He wants you to realize what it means to be truly forgiven.  He has the power to make you good from the inside out.


If you’re ready for this peace… for this forgiveness… turn your life over to Jesus now.  You can pray something like this:

“Please forgive me for my sins.  Please come into my life and change me from the inside out.  Make me something I could never be without You.  Give me Your power through the Holy Spirit to become brand new.  Teach me how to follow You for the rest of my life.  Jesus, right now, I give You my life.”


We’d love to know if you’ve turned your life over to Jesus.  Contact us and let us help you grow!  Your spiritual journey has just begun – and from this point forward, you’ll never be alone.  We’d like to take this journey with you!


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