Thank you for being a faithful giver!
We want to make it easy for you to give, so you have two great options:
  • Option 1 – Text 84321 with an amount give and type the fund
    •  Example
      • 100 tithe
  • Option 2 – Click this link to give online
  • Helpful Notes
    • The easiest and most convenient way to give is by text (it’s also secure).  If it is your first time using text giving, you will receive a response asking you to click on a link and enter in your information.  You only have to do this one time and from that point forward, you can simply type the amount and fund (if you just type an amount, it will be deposited as a tithe by default).  If you need help setting this up, please let us know!
    • You can pay either with a debit/credit card or an electronic check.

Important: If you pay by electronic check the fees are less which means the church gets more of your contribution!

  • Either way you give, you specify the type of contribution.  Our funds:
    • tithe
      • deposited into the general fund
    • building
      • deposited in the building fund
    • camp
      • deposited into the children/youth/adult camp/missions fund
    • cr
      • deposited into the celebrate recovery fund
    • food
      • deposited into the food pantry/food for special events fund
    • love
      • deposited into the love offering fund for staff appreciation or guest speaker/singer
    • offering
      • gift above your tithe deposited into the general fund
    • youth
      • deposited into the youth fund for events such as a youth conference