Blog 02-22-2017

Reading in Luke 7 about Simon and the prostitute.
It sounds like a raunchy novel, but it’s not. I love what Kyle Idelman said about this story in the first video our Journey Groups watched. In his book, he asks a cool question I’ve really never asked myself before.
(If you haven’t read the story in a while, probably a good idea to before you try and answer this.)
Which person in the story do you want to be most like?
The real question we should struggle with is not who you ARE most like, but who do you WANT to be most like?
Would it be the well respected religious leader (Simon) who seems to have his stuff together, the guy people look up to, the guy who has VIPs over for dinner? Or would you rather be the broken prostitute who embarrasses herself but deeply experiences the love and grace of Jesus?
Simply put, many of us want to be made whole without having to be broken – but the truth is, Jesus takes the broken and makes us whole!